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CryptoFund is a diversified algorithmic crypto fund investing in crypto technologies and blockchain. The market of crypto currencies is growing at an aggressive pace. But this rapid growth is accompanied by huge volatility, uncertainty and distrust to participants and infrastructure. Our experience in financial markets, credibility among professional traders, investors, financiers coupled with blockchain technology makes it possible to make the crypto industry extremely transparent, open and safe for the widest groups of users.

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Georgiy Verbitsky
Professional trader and asset manager. Experience in the markets is 10 years. Founder of the trader community, managing partner of the company “H2T Consulting”. He is in top-100 best private traders in Russia. He was involved in the development and expansion of Thomson Reuters, TradingView. The main advantage: cumulative work experience in fintech, IT companies, financial structures. In CryptoFund he is engaged in asset management, focusing on the overall strategy and business development.

Alexander Boiarintsev
An entrepreneur, a finance expert, a private trader since 2010, a crypto investor. He has been working in the financial sector for more than 15 years: starting with the development of non-state pension funds, attracting capital, and ending with developing the business of financial companies. In CryptoFund he is responsible for building business processes, communicating with partners, attracting key investors.
“We are on the road to a breakthrough in trading! All large funds work is based on the model that we do in CryptoFund, but they have not yet come to the crypto business, which means that each investor has a chance to enter the market at the lowest price. As soon as we find ourselves on the Nasdaq, a token will be worth $300. Probably it’s worth trying to earn with us right now.”

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