Technical and organisational update

Most of technical updates usually take longer than expected, and Crypto-Fund.Org migration to different platform hasn’t happen to be an exception. But no worries - all balances and numbers are safe (as well as crypto on the cold wallets) and we are looking forward to the end of July for all investors to be able to use a new account management panel.

In terms of fund performance we are experiencing a slight drawdown — we are around +110% from inception right now. Crypto markets have been in the decline from the beginning of the year — and Crypto-Fund.ORG was in the defensive position holding only major cryptos in the portfolio. Volatility also sharply declined in the last month which made active trading more difficult.

Meanwhile we are still up from the last dividend date (which was around +80%), and we have a good news for our investors: we are going to distribute dividends as soon as we fully migrate to the new software.
Also we are introducing biweekly updates, so stay tuned!

P.S. Don’t forget to congratulate us as we are approaching 19th of July — fund inception date a year ago, and we managed to bring outstanding yearly performance of 110% in BTC to our clients during this period!

Crypto-Fund.Org Team

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Diversified New Generation Crypto Fund

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