We started as crypto to crypto fund and set an ambitious goal — to beat bitcoin (BTC) as a benchmark. The major reason for that was that we didn’t want to take fiat/crypto risks, which we couldn’t manage as a fund. This strategy pays off really well, especially now, when we see major decline in all crypto coins and currencies.

The journey was bumpy and wild sometimes — we survived several months of BTC bull run against major altcoins and took full advantage of a late November and December 2017 hype phase. Nevertheless, our main goal was achieved — we have shown a triple digit ROI for our clients.

In the same time, we must admit that we had to revise our long-term plans. Due to some organizational problems we had to delay some of our roadmap promises. And, moreover, we realised that open retail fund model is something impossible for us to achieve given the current level of operational & IT capacity.

By majority of stakeholders it was decided to switch to closed “invite only” fund structure. We closed our offerings for retail investors, and now are focusing on servicing HNWI and institutions, helping them to manage their crypto liquidity with our expertise and tailored investment solutions. This new model will reduce costs, give more flexibility and allow us to give more value to our investors and shareholders.

We are aiming to continue our tremendous triple-digit growth in 2018, and would like to thank you all for your support and trust.

Each shareholder and BTCfund token holder will be contacted regarding the change, provided a contact data he provided is correct.

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Diversified New Generation Crypto Fund

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