Dividend distribution event occurred on 15th of March 2018

Following BTCfund growth and in order to fulfill our investors expectations, we would like to announce the first dividend distribution event that took place on 15st of March 2018.

Dividend distribution triggered success fee write-off from all BTCfund holders (please note that it appears as a withdrawal of tokens). All success fee along with entry fees were collected as profits.

According to shareholders decision, Crypto-Fund.Org redistributed 50% of its profits made on entry fee and success fee among early investors according to their share. The rest (50%) will be used to cover current OPEX. Please note that in these specific dividend distribution event Crypto-Fund.Org founders team had made a decision to redistribute 100% of their dividend share to early investors in order to express gratitude for their ongoing support.

For investors: to cash out your dividend, please use “redeem” button and give us 1–2 days to process your order.

Diversified New Generation Crypto Fund

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