CryptoFund Helps Catch Crypto Hype

Bitcoin has appreciated 6.5 times this year. Over the same period, Litecoin has added 1,258.9%, and Etherium has grown 2,365.26%. Have you caught the hype? You still have every chance to make profit, and now, with CryptoFund, it is even safer.

What are the investment options with crypto currencies today?

1. Choose a crypto currency to buy in the hope of further price growth. The main advantage is minimal costs of analyzing and tracking the instrument. The main disadvantage is the unpredictability of the market: a strong downtrend will lose you all your investments.

2. Build a portfolio of several crypto currencies. The main advantage is the ability to avoid the risks associated with owning one asset. The main disadvantage is the need to devote considerable time to analyzing the asset moves and monitoring the state of the portfolio.

3. Invest in ICO projects. The main advantage is minimal investments in different types of economy with potentially high profitability. The main disadvantage is the risk of losing all your funds on scam projects due to poor knowledge of the market.

4. Invest in a mutual crypto fund. The main advantages are risk diversification, engagement of professionals in managing the fund, more spare time for yourself as you don’t need to waste it on market analysis. Investing in crypto assets through mutual crypto funds makes the market accessible to newcomers who have not yet figured out the specifics of the industry but understand that in this market, the kind of profits can be made that traditional markets cannot offer.

The practice of existing crypto funds suggests that even with the most conservative investment strategy, asset growth can reach 1,000% against the US dollar already in the first year of operation.
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