Crypto spring, fund performance, new tariffs, future plans

Well, it looks like the crypto spring has come. Bitcoin price, a benchmark for the whole crypto industry, is trending up. BTCUSD made a long way up from 3K to almost 6K. Also we see from the market news that blockchain industry is growing and more and more companies are adopting the technology worldwide.

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Latest performance

Crypto-Fund.Org benefited from the latest price action as we have been betting heavily on uptrend. Performance is back to +96% since inception, as you could see on the website main page, and we still hold an aggressive BTCUSD long position on Bitmex. So, in case of further robust uptrend we will benefit even more.

Crypto-fund.Org is introducing a new fees structure. Due to market conditions changes, we are moving from 5/20 (5% entrance fee and 20% success fee) to 3/35. Which means that we are lowering “entrance” fee and increasing success fee, which seems more fair for the customers and more beneficial for shareholders.

Changes are effective immediately for the new customers. All ongoing fund investors will remain on 5/20 plan unless they would request a change to a new tariff.

What is next?

  1. We are looking to distribute dividends (second time in history) as soon as we will reach +160% mark since inception.
  2. Crypto Fund would move from defensive BTC only position to more diversified and market growth oriented approach, and we will add some promising tokens in our portfolio soon.

So, more news will be coming soon. Stay tuned!

Crypto-fund Org Team

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Diversified New Generation Crypto Fund

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