Crypto-Fund.Org update Sep’2018

Hard times for the industry — we must admit. ETH went almost to 170$, BTC had a wild swing down from 7400$ to 6100$. Not very encouraging, along with all these regulation tightening news.

Crypto-Fund.Org remains in defensive mode, holding almost all its assets in BTC. We haven’t achieved much success in increasing ROI over the last months, but good news that a) we managed to stay alive while other funds were closing b) we kept our performance at +86% since inception с) we see some early signs of inevitable market recovery.
Crypto Fund employs a long-term approach. As soon as the market starts to grow again we will continue to deliver good results.

And again — we would like to thank all our investors for their patience and understanding. Let’s hope we all will see dividends before the end of the year.

Crypto-Fund.Org Team

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Diversified New Generation Crypto Fund

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