Since our mobile app had a very positive feedback from our users, we are going to switch off old web-based investor’s area, starting from 1st of December 2020.

Supporting two systems takes efforts and time, and our goal to keep everything simple and focus on asset managing part. Since everyone nowadays has a mobile phone, either iOS or Android, it makes sense to stick to mobile app, where its much easier to check portfolio, etc.

So, if you are our investor: Please install a Crypto-Fund.Org mobile app, here you can find how, and enjoy this new and powerful tool to track CF performance.
In case you have any problems with installation, please make sure to let us know:

As always — grateful for your support,

Crypto-Fund.Org Team

More good news — we have launched our mobile app for iOS and Android, so you could check CF performance with ease. We encourage registered CF users to install it.
Here is how:

1. Scan the QR-code with your phone and follow the link.

2. Install the app, using simple steps described in this video:

3. Enter your e-mail address previously used for Crypto-Fund.Org. You will receive a pin-code for login. Enjoy!

Finally, those with CF “equity” tokens could check them in app (this was the main request from users)!
The App is still in beta, we will be adding more functional soon. Let us know your feedback!

Crypto-Fund.Org Team

We are proud to announce that we have reached a new performance milestone: +195% since inception. Two factors contributed to this, first - recent rise of DeFi; second — start of option trading on Deribit, which allows more flexible and efficient trading.

Upon reaching this performance level, fund triggered a success fee collection and dividend distribution event, effective 16 of September 2020. On this day, success fees have been written off from BTCfund investors accounts (so, if you are BTCfund token holder, you will see your token balance decreased, once you login to your private area).

Then, 50% of all…

With the recent rise of DeFi and crypto option trading, which is now have enough liquidity, we rebalance our portfolio to include these new tools. In addition to trading bitcoin futures, we will use options trading, as well as staking and some other DeFi options.

Approximate portfolio proportion:
20% futures trading collateral
30% option trading collateral
50% cold wallet and low risk crypto money market tools, such as staking or DEFI lending

These changes will help us to boost performance and achieve stable equity growth.

We in Crypto-Fund believe that the second wave of crypto adoption in very near, and ready to take full advantage of it. Our aim is to achieve double digits growth until the end of 2020, while keeping low to medium risk.

Crypto-Fund Team

Well, it looks like the crypto spring has come. Bitcoin price, a benchmark for the whole crypto industry, is trending up. BTCUSD made a long way up from 3K to almost 6K. Also we see from the market news that blockchain industry is growing and more and more companies are adopting the technology worldwide.

Crypto-Fund.Org benefited from the latest price action as we have been betting heavily on uptrend. Performance is back to +96% since inception, as you could see on the website main page, and we still hold an aggressive BTCUSD long position on Bitmex. …

After abrupt BTC drop mid-November, there was a decision made to hedge portfolio using BITMEX. Initial hedging operations were successful, but later all profit were erased by the hectic price action. From price patterns its obvious that as of today, most liquid asset — BTCUSD, is still not enough liquid to trade. Price is managed by “whales” and there isn’t much to do, until we will see the beginning of uptrend. Crypto-fund is in protective, low profile mode aiming to save funds assets.

We are looking for a signs of crypto rebound, and than will continue to grow funds assets under management. We appreciate our holders and investors trust. It will be rewarded soon!

As you may know, there have been some issues with Tether and Bitfinex lately. For example, the spread between BTCUSD on Bitfinex exchange and Bitstamp exchange recently has hit 1000$+(see pic). This could indicate serious problems with USDT and Bitfinex (there is a connection between both on founders level)

We used Bitfinex as a major trading venue, but once spread has hit 140$+ (yesterday), we have withdrawn funds from Bitfinex and converted USDT to BTC on other exchanges.

Even in the worst case scenario, Crypto-Fund.Org customers funds are safe. Our goal is to protect your crypto savings.

Hard times for the industry — we must admit. ETH went almost to 170$, BTC had a wild swing down from 7400$ to 6100$. Not very encouraging, along with all these regulation tightening news.

Crypto-Fund.Org remains in defensive mode, holding almost all its assets in BTC. We haven’t achieved much success in increasing ROI over the last months, but good news that a) we managed to stay alive while other funds were closing b) we kept our performance at +86% since inception с) we see some early signs of inevitable market recovery.
Crypto Fund employs a long-term approach. As soon as the market starts to grow again we will continue to deliver good results.

And again — we would like to thank all our investors for their patience and understanding. Let’s hope we all will see dividends before the end of the year.

Crypto-Fund.Org Team

First of all — you are a few clicks away from logging in and accessing the dashboard! It took a lot of time and efforts to migrate away from Delerex product, — which was definitely not user friendly at all — to a new more simple and easy product, custom made for us.

Although its functionality is very basic, it allows users to get up-to-date information about their balances and create redeem requests. We will add more functions soon, of course.

In order to regain access to your personal dashboard:

  1. Please check your e-mail that you have used for registration…

Most of technical updates usually take longer than expected, and Crypto-Fund.Org migration to different platform hasn’t happen to be an exception. But no worries - all balances and numbers are safe (as well as crypto on the cold wallets) and we are looking forward to the end of July for all investors to be able to use a new account management panel.

In terms of fund performance we are experiencing a slight drawdown — we are around +110% from inception right now. Crypto markets have been in the decline from the beginning of the year — and Crypto-Fund.ORG was in…


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