+195% since inception milestone, dividends distribution event and more

We are proud to announce that we have reached a new performance milestone: +195% since inception. Two factors contributed to this, first - recent rise of DeFi; second — start of option trading on Deribit, which allows more flexible and efficient trading.

Upon reaching this performance level, fund triggered a success fee collection and dividend distribution event, effective 16 of September 2020. On this day, success fees have been written off from BTCfund investors accounts (so, if you are BTCfund token holder, you will see your token balance decreased, once you login to your private area).

Then, 50% of all CF profits were allocated amongst early contributors (aka Crypto-Fund token holders) as dividends using pro-rata basis. Upon login they will see increased balance of BTCfund tokens, ready to withdraw.

Another important change : we are no longer supporting 20/5 fee scheme. Effective 24/09/2020, all existing customers who decide to stay with us, will be migrated on 35% performance fee structure. During seven days (from 16 to 24 of September 2020) we will be processing, upon request, deposits and withdrawals using latest token price — 0,002951221956 BTC per 1 BTCfund token. Congratulations!

After 24/09/2020 fund will resume trading in a journey to the new performance heights.

Again, we deeply appreciate our customers & investors trust and support. We’ve already achieved stunning BTC performance over 3 years, and we will deliver more!

Crypto-Fund.Org Team

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Diversified New Generation Crypto Fund

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